Hello! I'm Andrew

I'm a UX/UI Designer based in the SF Bay Area.

Utilizing my background in molecules and excel,
I strive to create user-centered products
with empathy, thought, and excitement!



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Physio Care

End-to-End Application

The home exercise program (HEP) is up to 50% of the reason patients will achieve better outcomes from physical therapy. Unfortunately, patients have lost motivation to take time for themselves to work through recovery.

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Chase Bank

Adding a New Feature

Financial Health is not everyone’s strong suit. Chase Bank is looking for ways to assist their customers financial health by providing a new tool to assist with their money management.

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Yoga with Elisha

Responsive Web Design

Elisha wants to offer more of her yoga services to an online market outside of her in-person classes. She’s looking to rebrand and build a responsive website.

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ClearOak Insurance

Responsive Web Design

ClearOak is looking to tap into into the digital market by rebranding and creating a responsive e-commerce website.

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